Benefits of The Reverse Bucket List

So most people understand the concept of a bucket list – a list of experiences you want to achieve or do or see before you die.  But have you ever heard of a ‘reverse bucket list’?  It is essentially a list of experiences you have already accomplished.  The wonderful thing about creating a reverse bucket list is that it becomes an exercise of reflection on your life and recognition of all the wonderful things you have experienced, learned and witnessed, both good and bad, and how they have helped shaped who you are today.   This is more of an exercise in gratitude than anything.

For someone who often ponders the past, almost to a fault, it was easy for me to come up with my reverse bucket list items.  Here are my some things on my reverse bucket list, in no particular order:

Started A Business…Or Two…Or Three

I have always wanted to start my own business, which is why I pursued my MBA at the University of Texas in Austin.  Fortunately, there I met my husband and after venturing in the corporate world, we bit the bullet and started investing in real estate full time.   We’ve been working together and supporting each other for the past 10 years and wouldn’t ever think twice about working for anyone else!

Moved Twice In High School

As an introvert, this was a real struggle for me to move around frequently.  My father was transferred to several jobs in his career, causing our family to relocate every 2 years or so.  But it helped me to learn how to adapt to change quickly.

Worked (and Lived) on Wall Street

After college I moved to New York City with a bunch of my school mates and we all had various jobs working on Wall Street.  It was a fun and challenging time for me.  The only real regret I have, is not spending enough time checking out all the cool things that are in NYC while I lived there.   And so, now every time I visit, I make sure to make the most of each trip.

Soaked In A Volcanic Hot Spring In Iceland During A Snowstorm

We celebrated New Years in Iceland one year and that was an incredible experience, from bonfires to fireworks.  On our last day we soaked in the Blue Lagoon’s hot springs, sipping margaritas from the swim up pool bar, while it snowed.

Became A Mother

Giving birth to my son was both a joyous and traumatic experience, one I will never forget.  I became very humbled and developed a respect for the human body, at what it can do, how it creates and how it can heal itself.

Studied At Oxford For A Summer

In college, my parents were generous enough to allow me to travel and study at Oxford for a summer.  I went for six weeks or so, studying International Business courses at Trinity College.  Staying in a country for an extended period of time really allows you the opportunity to soak in the culture and customs of the country.

Went On A Yoga Retreat With Some Friends

It had been almost 10 years since I met up with some of my friends from graduate school.  So on a whim, I sent out a Facebook post asking if anyone was interested in going and several girls came.  It was so much fun to relax in nature and catch up on the latest from everyone.    To reconnect with old friends is a glorious thing…

Photographed The Milky Way

Night photography is a challenge.  Partly because it’s dark and you can’t really see what you’re doing, but also because you have learn how to keep the lens open long enough to capture enough light to make a good photograph.  Another challenge was learning how to spot the Milky Way, because similar to the Northern Lights, the camera captures so much more than our naked eye does.  Fortunately, after numerous tries, I was able to spot it and capture it in Big Bend, Texas.

The Milky Way

My husband was kind enough to sit in the snake and bug infested desert in Big Bend, Texas, to let me capture this picture.

Learned To Play The Ukulele

I picked up the ukulele when I was 42.  When I turned 43, my husband bought me a baritone ukulele for my birthday and I absolutely love playing it.  My goal was to learn how to play ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ for my son, and it was challenging for me to even learn how to sing and play.  But now I can play it!


Celebrated My Parents’ 50th Wedding Anniversary

Most people are lucky if their parent’s stay together, but I have been blessed to have two wonderful parents with good health, who have loved each other for over 50 years.  I will forever be grateful for the love, support and guidance they have provided to me throughout my life.


Went Snorkeling Near Phi Phi Island

On another school trip to southeast Asia, we ventured to Thailand and took a day long trip by boat to Phi Phi Island (before the infamous tsunami hit).    Surrounded by friends and natural beauty, this day just couldn’t be beat!  And yes, this island, which was featured in the movie, The Beach, really is that beautiful.

So think about your life and create a reverse bucket list today!  If you have pictures to go along with your list, consider getting an Ignited Life Bucket List to document reflect on your experiences!

Lindsay Hambright

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