How To Make A Bookmark For Your Ignited Life Planner

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My 10 year old son has recently gotten into origami, the ancient art of paper folding.  He made a bookmark for my Ignited Life Planner, which I actually use!  I found it really helpful to quickly and easily reference the current month and week.  He was kind enough to help me create a video on how you can make one for your own Ignited Life Planner or any planner!

Materials: 1 sticky note paper.  In the video above, he uses a standard 3” x 3” sticky note.

Check out the video above which will show you how to fold it.


Ignited Life Planner

Lindsay Hambright

Author Lindsay Hambright

Hi! My name is Lindsay and I created Ignited Life Planner because I couldn't find a simple planner that allowed me to focus on getting from where I where I wanted to be. As a real estate investor, entrepreneur and mom to a 9 year old, I struggled keeping my eye on the prize and so often would get bogged down in the little chores and tasks, that I would completely lose sight of where I was going and more importantly, where I wanted to be. I designed this planner as a one year road map to pull you out of the weeds of small tasks and on top of the forest of big goals and action steps so that you can stay focused everyday on getting the results you desire. I personally use this written planner and hope it will help you to stay more focused and productive...everyday!

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