My Favorite Meditation App and Teacher…

I aspire to have a daily meditation practice.  (I say aspire, because some days, it doesn’t work out as I planned.)  However, I’ve personally found meditation to help me get focused on my day, reflect on how I’m feeling, to become present in my body and to just basically give my body and mind a chance to breathe.

My go-to meditation app is called Insight Timer, which is not only a fantastic timer, but also a Pandora-like stream of over 9,106 free meditations and music that cover a span of topics from stress relief to sleeplessness and everything in between.   Oh yes…and did I mention this app was FREE?

One particular guided meditation teacher holds a special place in my heart and I’m writing about her today because I think some of you may enjoy her too.  Sarah Blondin is the hostess of the podcast LiveAwake.  In Sarah’s own words,

LiveAwake is about “is about getting drunk on the beauty that is your life, about opening your eyes to the significance of all things small and large”.   

Her guided meditations have brought tears to my eyes, in the sole recognition that I’m not alone, when I have periods of self-doubt or low self-worth.  Not alone in being stubborn to let bothersome events or things go.  Not alone in being resistant to change.

It is like Sarah is speaking directly to my soul, encouraging me to find beauty in the mundane, teaching me to find strength in my obstacles and reminding me to be kind to myself.

What’s your favorite meditation practice?  Tell me in your comments below!

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