Turning Anger Into Peace

This past weekend, I watched a new movie called Charged: The Eduardo Garcia Story.   It’s a very visual and poignant documentary on the life of Eduardo Garcia, a world travelling professional chef.  Eduardo’s life changed forever when, while hiking in Montana alone, he came across a dead bear and made the fateful mistake of touching it, not knowing that it lay on a live electrical cable.  The electricity that traveled through Eduardo’s body blew holes out of his head, torso and leg.  Isolated and alone, Eduardo was able to pick himself up and hike to the nearest town, where he was evacuated to the nearest hospital.

Not only did Eduardo lose his left hand as a result of being electrocuted, he also battled testicular cancer.    This documentary tells his amazing story of recovery and healing, both physically and emotionally and I highly recommend watching it.
Watch the trailer below:

The wonderful thing about this movie is that it visually shows you in a very raw, emotional way, the time intensive process of healing.  There was a very poignant scene where Eduardo visited the area where his traumatic event happened a year earlier, and he was overcome with a very natural and intense anger at his situation.   The rest of the movie delved into how he was able to ultimately move on, and heal the emotional scars of his trauma.  Specifically, there were five things that I believe Eduardo had, to help him turn his anger into peace.


Being able to survive electrocution that had previously killed a bear, gave Eduardo perspective into how lucky he was to be alive.  From the moment he left the hospital, he was always grateful to be able to just continue breathing.  Being grateful opens your heart and helps to re-wire your brain away from negative thoughts and allows you to re-focus  your mind on the blessings that surround you.

Strong Support System of Close Friends and Family

Eduardo had very close family and friends, without whom he probably would have perished without their emotional love and support during his difficult time.  He recognized that out of his tragedy, his personal relationships with his family and close friends grew much stronger as a result of his experience.


Being in Montana, Eduardo was lucky to be surrounded by nature and spent a lot of time hunting, hiking and re-learning how to do the things he used to do, in a new way. There have been several studies performed in Europe, Asia and Australia, that have proven the healing power of trees and forests to the physical body.    In one study, participants who walked in the forest experienced lower cortisol levels, lower blood pressure levels and activation of the parasympathetic nerve system to help boost the immune system.  I believe the environment surrounding Eduardo had a positive impact on his healing.

Being Of Service To Others

Eduardo has shared his story to help encourage those suffering from defeat or tragedy.  He wanted to motivate not just those suffering from personal tragedy, but also encourage those vital friends and family members and remind them that they have a strong impact on helping their loved ones to heal.


Ultimately, when Eduardo’s heart was ready to move on, he was able to forgive and find peace.  He visited the area again four years later and it was then, surrounded by his loved ones, he was able to be at peace with everything.  This process can often require time and patience, as it did with Eduardo, but it is achievable, as long as you are determined to move forward.

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