A Daily Ritual To Start Each Day Energized, Happy and Motivated!

Do you want to start each day energized, happy and motivated? Then Tony Robbin's "Hour of Power" is for you! Since starting Tony's Ultimate Edge program three weeks ago, I have incorporated this ritual every morning. In fact, I have been exercising religiously for almost 3 weeks now and feel so great each morning, that I cannot imagine skipping a day. Wait...what? Exercise you say? Before I lose you, let me explain what the Hour of Power is.
Tony's "Hour of Power" is an hour of your day dedicated to YOU!
If you ever stop to think about it, how much out of your day do you spend improving yourself? Designing your day? Or even just, moving your body? If you're anything like me, very little. Sure I would spend a few minutes each day doing one of my zillion hobbies, but very little time was dedicated to actually moving my body or improving my mental or emotional state.  My days consisted of waking up, driving to work, sitting for 5+ hours at a time at a computer, going home, fixing dinner and then laying down for bed. Blah. Until now.

So, what makes up the "Hour of Power"?

Step 1: Breathe
(5 - 10 Minutes of Breathing Exercises)

Tony suggests starting your hour with a breathing exercise by touching your index, middle, ring and pinkie finger to your thumb on each of your hands, while taking four inhales. Then repeat the thumb to finger exercise four more times while taking four exhales. While you're doing this, you need to be moving your body.
Tony recommends going on a walk, but I personally enjoy cycling on my Peloton bike. Whatever you do, make sure your body is moving because your mental emotions alter when you alter your physical body.

Step 2: Be Grateful
(10 - 15 Minutes of Gratitude)

The second section of the Hour of Power is the 15 minutes dedicated to being grateful. While you are moving your body, and your breathing exercises, start to list (preferably outloud) the people, things, situations, and experiences that you are grateful for. After doing this a few times, you will start to memorize a list of things that you truly are grateful for, and while you say the list out loud, visualize that person or thing or experience that moves your heart.
After you list the things you already have in your life, you want to start to visualize the people, things, situations and experiences you WANT in your life. Be grateful for them as if they have already happened, and visualize how you will feel once achieved. Truly imagine from your heart how you would feel if this goal was already achieved. Remember to keep moving your body while you are doing this.

Step 3: Move Your Body And Repeat Incantations
(30 Minutes of Exercise)

The final step in your Hour of Power is 30 minutes of cardio intensive exercise. This can be walking to running to yoga to tennis to anything in between. The important thing is to do something that you generally like to do.  
For me, my Peloton bike makes the perfect option, because they offer tons of 30 minute cycling classes all the time, and I get to to it in the convenience of my home. Don't have a Peloton bike? Don't worry - you can always use their app to take spin, yoga or running classes online, without the required equipment.
My Exercise Room
My morning jam - working out on my Peloton bike and my Pilates reformer!
Tony also says that while you are exercising, you should repeat your Incantations, which are basically like mantras that you repeat to yourself over and over until they become one with your consciousness.

Examples of incantations that I've used are:

  • Every day, in every way I'm getting stronger and stronger.
  • All the [love, joy, patience, confidence, motivation, intelligence] I need is within me now. (I cycle through each adjective!)
So that's it! That is Tony Robbin's amazing "Hour of Power". I've been consistently completing this hour for me everyday, first thing in the morning, for the past three weeks and I'm not about to quit now.

Some Final Tips

1. Do Your Hour of Power First Thing In The Morning - Tony recommends doing the Hour of Power in the mornings, as the later the day gets, you're less likely to have enough motivation to complete it.
2. You Can Adjust The Timeframes Each Day - Running short on time?  You can adjust each day to your needs. Tony calls this "Fifteen Minutes to Fulfillment" or "Thirty Minutes to Thrive".
3. You Can Skip A Day, But Don't Make A Habit Of It - If you skip a day, don't worry; just get back in the swing of things on the next day.
4. Need Some Motivation And Encouragement To Get Started? - Consider printing one of my free planner sticker templates, that includes stickers for tracking your fitness goals.  
Ignited Life Planner Sticker Templates
If you are interested in a more purpose-driven fulfilled life and you have the money to purchase it, I highly recommend Tony's Ultimate Edge program. Each session is so insightful in all areas of your life - your thoughts, your emotions, your health and finances; I promise - you won't be disappointed!

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