Bucket List Check #8 - Attending A Live Concert in Glasgow, Scotland

Mike and I had only one night scheduled for Glasgow, but upon arriving, I immediately regretted that decision not to spend more time in this really artsy, interesting city.

Mike won some major brownie points on this leg of the trip for two reasons.

1) He upgraded our rental car to a nice Jaguar and;

Our Rental Car For the Next Week - A Jaguar!

2) He hooked us up with a nice VRBO spot right in central Glasgow, which I highly recommend. It was in fact, one of the nicest places we stayed during our 2 week jaunt!  (To be completely honest, I think he was pulling out all the stops, since he knew that upon setting foot on Scotland soil, I was on the hunt to find Jamie Fraser from my favorite show, Outlander!)

Jamie Fraser from Outlander
Let's get real, girls...I"m really here in Scotland looking for Jamie Fraser, from my favorite series, Outlander (Photo credit: outlander.fandom.com)

I had grandiose plans that we were going to have time, after arriving at 3 PM from our flight from Dublin, to see the Botanical Gardens at Kibble Palace and the largest glasshouse in the UK, but Mike was tired, particularly after driving in circles looking for a parking garage that wasn't too far from where we were staying.

We did walk around our hotel which had lots of shopping and restaurants.
Central Glasgow, by our VRBO
Central Glasgow...full of shopping, restaurants and
tons of old world charm.

Glasgow Buildings
Fortunately, I did have the foresight to book tickets for an evening show at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, which is a small music venue very close to where we were staying. We saw Furnace And The Fundamentals perform, and despite not being familiar with the band, Mike and I were very pleasantly surprised to know almost all the songs they sang, since they were an amazing cover band. People were dancing and having a great time listening to everything from "It's Raining Men" to "Bohemian Rhapsody" to "Sweet Dreams Are Made Of Thee" and everything in between.

Here is a sample of the band we saw and I highly recommend seeing them!

Mike and me at the Furnace and the Fundamentals concert in Glasgow UK

So, if you're ever in Glasgow, maybe attending a live concert at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut should be next on your bucket list!

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