Bucket List Check #1 - Tour of Jameson Distillery in Dublin, Ireland

So, I recently traveled to Dublin with my husband, Mike, who up until that point, had never touched foot in the United Kingdom. For me, I have been fortunately able to travel there many times for school. So, in planning our trip, I wanted to make sure we got to do some super cool experiences.
One observation I have about the people in Ireland (and the UK, for that matter) is that they really know their alcohol. There were so many pubs offering fine lagers, stouts and whiskey to boot. There is no way you can go thirsty in Dublin!  If you like to drink alcohol and you happen to be in Dublin, Ireland, then I highly recommend taking an hour to do a tour of the Jameson Distillery.
Bucket List Checked Lindsay and Mike at Jameson Distillery
Mike and me about to get our whiskey on!
This was at the top of my list, not because I'm a big whisky drinker, but because I had heard great things, and was curious as to differences between American, Irish and Scottish whiskey.
Jameson Distillery offers an excellent tour that not only explains how they make their whiskey, but they even let you try it...not once, but twice! They strategically offer you a drink of Jamesons at the start of the tour (either neat or with ginger and lime), which probably helped make the information part of the tour a lot more tolerable. Some people took their whiskey neat, but I was a sissy and had it with ginger ale and lime, which has now become my new drink of choice!
Bucket List Check - Learning About Distilling Whiskey
Learning about how barley is malted and distilled.
On the tour, which lasted about 45 minutes, we got to learn about the history of Mr. Jameson and his wife, who were also husband and wife entrepreneurs, as well as how barley is refined and distilled to create whiskey. At the end of the tour you are given three shots of whiskey - American, Scottish and Jameson Irish Whiskey.
Bucket List Check - Last Tasting Room
The Jameson Tour Tasting Room and Our Amazing Tour Guide
Not surprising my favorite was Jamesons, who triple distills their whiskey. The taste was far smoother going down than Scottish whiskey, which I was just barely able to swallow as it felt like fire down my throat. (Apparently the Scots boil the barley in peat, giving it a more smokey flavor.)  If you're into barbeque and smoked meats, Scottish whiskey might be your jam. 
Even the American whiskey, which I think was Jack Daniels, was difficult for me to swallow neat, even though it had a slightly more fruity flavor due to the cherrywood casks they use to store and ferment their whiskey.
Bucket List Check - Taste Testing
If you're going to go, I recommend booking a tour through Viator!  You can purchase your tour tickets beforehand online and we had a great a tour guide and was able to combine this tour with my next bucket list achievement - the Guiness Beer Tour. (which I'll detail in my next blog post!)  
Have you been on the Jameson Whiskey Tour? What did you like or not like?  Comment and share below!
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