Bucket List Check #11 - Tip of The Isle of Skye, Scotland - Neist Point Lighthouse

We woke up this morning and being that we were staying at the wonderful bed and breakfast, the Redwood House, in the Isle of Skye, Scotland, we headed down for breakfast. We were delighted to see a buffet, and Mike, who loves a hearty breakfast with all the meats (i.e. bacon), quickly filled his plate. I am not a breakfast eater and opted instead for just some coffee.

I noticed that Mike had some black sausage patty on his plate and asked him - What the heck is that? He assured me with all the confidence in the world, that it was "vegetarian sausage" because it was strategically placed by the other fruits and veggies in the buffet.

When our nice waiter (who happened to be from Spain) came by with my coffee, I asked him what the black sausage looking thing was.  His response, in broken english was..."uhhh...how do I say it...sheep guts". I about vomited in my mouth when I heard that. But the look on Mike's face as he had just swallowed the black sausage thing, was priceless.

The waiter continued, "there are a lot of sheep here and we've got to do something with them!" We did notice that all around the Isle of Skye there were sheep roaming, particularly around our hotel. And sheep intestines are apparently a popular Scottish dish called haggis.

Sheep in The Isle of Skye Scotland
Mike had probably just eaten a relative of this little guy.

We left the Redwood House, hopped back into the car and started to make the 45 minute drive to our destination - Neist Point Lighthouse.  Mike was starting to feel queasy as we were driving, probably still thinking about the haggis he had just eaten, and along the way, we spied a random little cafe, Cafe Lephin, so we stopped to get Mike a brownie to eliminate the taste from his memory.
Brownies Work To Remove the Taste of Haggis in Scotland
Brownies Work To Remove the Taste of Haggis in Scotland

We continued on, driving on one-way roads and having to pull over frequently to let cars on the other side of the road to pass, not to mention dodging random sheep who decided to walk along the road. I was grateful that we opted not to go to this place at nighttime, despite my desire to get a sunset shot, because that would have been a real challenge. Our GPS was dicey, not recognizing small local roads, and as the passenger, I ended up being the navigator to get us to the very top of the Isle of Skye.

Neist Point Lighthouse

According to Wikipedia, Neist Point Lighthouse was first lighted on November 1, 1909 and has been operational ever since.  However, the lighthouse has been operated remotely by the Northern Lighthouse Board in Edinburgh since 1990.   I wanted to visit it because I just thought it looked really cool!  We finally arrived and were delighted to see parking spots available at the top. There is a walkway where you can walk down to the lighthouse, but it looked like quite a trek. For me, I wanted to focus on landscape pictures of the lighthouse and ocean.

Neist Point Lighthouse

There is a smaller pathway to the right of the parking lot, where you can hike to get a full view of the tip of the Isle and the lighthouse.  Mike and I made the 5 minute walk, and I set up my camera, tripod and all, but it was quite windy at the top, and at one point, my camera fell over. Fortunately my Canon 5d Mark IV survived the fall, but I ended up lowering the tripod and setting it in front of some rocks to block the strong gales. It was quite chilly and I was grateful for my jacket.

Mike and Lindsay Hambright at Neist Point Lighthouse in Isle of Skye Scotland
Me sitting on a rock ledge looking at Neist Point Lighthouse on the Isle of Skye, Scotland
It was tough shooting with strong wind!
Looking at the Ocean and Neist Point Lighthouse on the Isle of Skye Scotland
Sitting on that rock with a 200 foot drop to the rocks on the beach. Yikes!
That pathway on the far left side of the image leads down to the lighthouse from the parking lot.

Have you been to Neist Point Lighthouse? Is it next on your Bucket List? Comment below! I'd love to hear from you!

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