Bucket List Check #21 - Snowmobiling on Iceland's Glaciers

Continuing on with my epic winter adventure to Iceland, snowmobiling on a glacier was a big item on my bucket list. I had never been snowmobiing before and was excited to see how fast those suckers could go and how cold it can get on a glacier! We went with a tour group who took us out in a bus with giant snow tires.

Snowmobiling in Iceland

The tour guide, Mountaineers of Iceland Adventure Tours, make you sign a bunch of waivers but also provides equipment like helmets, snowsuits and extra gloves. My husband, Mike, and I each took a snowmobile with our son, Jake, riding behind MIke.

Ready for Snowmobiling in Iceland
My son, Jake, all ready for the snowmobiling experience.

Jake on the snowmobile in Iceland
Jake dreaming about driving the snowmobile. Maybe in a decade or so...

The tour guide spent time training us on how to use the snowmobile, and we made out way out onto the glacier. By this time, it was a 2:00 pm and we knew we were going to be hitting dusk within the hour. Daylight in Iceland is sparse, with sunrises occurring around 11 AM and sunsets by 3 PM. So, we were racing to get back before it got too dark.

Heading out onto the glacier it was desolate, cold and windy. But with the sun setting, it made for some beautfiul scenery.

Snowmobiling In Iceland
The busses with the different tour groups. We had about 20 or so people in our group, led by a guide. We were at a high enough altitude to have cloud covers descend on top of us, making visibility somewhat of a challenge.

Snowmobiling In Iceland
Barren and desolate. But also cold and beautiful.

Snowmobiling In Iceland
Almost like you were on another planet...

Snowmobiling In Iceland
At this point in the tour, the sun was setting fast.. I was sad, because I felt the sun had just arrived and was already leaving!

About half way through the tour, we stopped where you could take some pictures. We had reached the blue light of dusk.

Snowmobiling In IcelandFamily portrait of Mike and me and our little space alien...

Snowmobiling In Iceland - Making snow angels
What a Texas boy does when in Iceland...make snow angels of course! We don't get many chances to make those in Texas!

Snowmobiling In Iceland
Our tour group posing. We would form a line with our snowmobiles and follow the guide.

The ride was definitely cold on the way back. Jake was crying because he was so cold, which poor Mike endured the entire way back.  Fortunately, our snow mobiles could go relatively fast.  I think we went up to 30 - 40 mph, but it was bittersweet, since the windchill was enough to make you want to slow down!

Overall, an amazing experience that if you can, should experience at least once in your life!  Have you been snowmobiling in Iceland? If so, tell me about your experience! Comment below.

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