Bucket List Check #22 - Swimming In A Blizzard At Iceland's Blue Lagoon

If you're in Iceland, one of the most recommended things to do is a visit to The Blue Lagoon. Oftentimes people will use visit on the last day of their stay or during a layover since there are often airport transfers to and from Reykjavík airport.

We visited during New Years in 2016 and it was an unforgetable experience. Maybe it was the misty blue daylight, maybe it was the black lava rock environment against the white snow, maybe it was enjoying a drink at the swim up bar, while getting snowed on. I don't know, maybe it was all of these things. But this is one place you need to add to your bucket list.
The Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Photo Credit: Archive Adventure
One thing I recommend is booking your experience early, as it is a popular destination and can get quite crowded. They have several packages available, which I would check out here, and if you're leaving that afternoon or just popping by during a long layover, they do store your luggage, for a fee, of course. Be prepared to pay premium prices for this experience! They also offer spa treatments, which we didn't do, since we had our son, Jake in tow.
At The Blue Lagoon in Reykavik, Iceland
You arrive and make the trek to the main building by passing black lava rock.
Pathway Leading Up To The Blue Lagoon
This is about as much daylight as we were going to get today...

There are separate womens and mens locker rooms and I recommend bringing a swimsuit and towel. It was QUITE chilly coming out in just your swimsuit during a blizzard, so you'll see people practically running from the locker rooms to the hot springs. There are hooks lined up to hang your robe / towels and place your shoes.
One thing I brought with me was a waterproof camera, which I would recommend. Given the technology has vastly improved since we went, perhaps a waterproof cover for your cell phone would work just as well. Our little cheepo waterproof camera took some pictures...but not good ones. It was very steamy with the snow and the heat of the water.
The Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Photo Credit: Archive Adventure
Our package came with a free drink, which I highly recommend getting, particularly since you can just swim up to the hot spring bar in the middle of the spring! You can get quickly dehydrated, so water is the best choice, but my husband, Mike, of course, opted for an alcoholic drink! Why not live a little?
Swim Up Bar at The Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Photo Credit: Google Images

The silica at the bottom of the hot springs is supposed to do wonders for your skin, and we experimented with slathering it on our faces...but try to keep it away from your hair, as it can be extremely drying.
Mike and I at The Blue Lagoon in Iceland
Terrible picture, but this was taken with our disposable camera.  Sweep the silica from the bottom of the spring and slather it on your face for some detoxification!

I think we stayed out there for about an hour at which point, both Mike and Jake were getting too hot in the water and wanted to get out, despite being covered by giant snowflakes. Me...I could have stayed in there all day!
Is the Blue Lagoon next on your bucket list adventure?

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