Bucket List Check #3 - Day Tour of Dublin, Ireland

So, my husband, Mike, and I did a tour of Ireland and we literally had planned just one full day in Dublin. So, what do you do, when you have only 24 hours to visit the largest city in Ireland?
Here's a breakdown of our speed tour:
Mike Walking In Dublin Rain
Weather was typical in Dublin...rainy! Be sure to bring an umbrella or rain jacket when visiting.

Check Out Trinity College Library and
The Book of Kells

We headed out early to Trinity College, which is the sole college of the University of Dublin, and Ireland's oldest and probably most prestigious surviving universities. Trinity College's library contains over 6.2 million printed volumes and significant quantities of manuscripts, including the Book of Kells, an ancient manuscript written around 800 AD consisting mostly of the four Gospels. Apparently, it was more a work of art, rather than a manuscript, for display purposes for the Church. However, I must admit, the Book of Kells was not a highlight for us, as it was not even on display when we were there. They were doing renovations to the book, so all we saw was a single room with pictures of it. Here is a picture....of a picture of the Book of Kells.
Picture of A Picture of The Book Of Kells
A picture I took...of a picture of the Book of Kells.
A little sad I couldn't see the actual manuscript, but I guess
it is over 1,200 years old so probably due for a little make-over.


The Library at Trinity College, on the other hand, was gorgeous. If you love symmetrical lines and beautiful architecture, then stopping by at this library will not disappoint!
Trinity College Library Image 1
The library is relatively small, but grand.


Trinity College Library Image 2
Each column is lined with a bust of a famous writer or philosopher.


Trinity College Library StaircaseSome book alcoves have a beautiful spiral staircase to the second floor.


Stop And Get Some Lemon Soap
At Sweny's Pharmacy 

Sweny's Pharmacy
Image courtesy of Sweny.ie
Within walking distance to Trinity College was Sweny's Pharmacy, an old apothecary that has been converted to a James Joyce museum. This is supposedly the place where the main character in James Joyce's novel Ulysses purchased his lemon soap. So, naturally, I had to check it out, sign the visitor book and purchase a bar of soap for myself to try. I must say, it is quite lemony and nice...
Sweny's Lemon Soap
My lemon soap souvenir from my speed tour of Dublin.

Walk By Dublin Castle

Continuing on the pathway towards the Temple Bar District, we walked past Dublin Castle, located off of Dame Street, which served as the primary English government offices for Ireland until the Anglo-Irish Treaty in December 1921. Since then, Dublin Castle hosts the inauguration of each President of Ireland and various State receptions. Dublin Castle was built around two rivers, including the a dark pool (called "Dubh Linn") giving the castle and the city its name. Tours are available, but we did not stop for a tour. We were on a mission to get to...
Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle has its share of gorgeous old doors and entrance ways.

Check Out The Temple Bar District

The Temple Bar District is exactly what it says. A cool area where you can walk around or step inside one of the many Irish pubs for a pint and some live Irish music. It's Ireland's much, much cleaner version of Bourbon Street.
Temple Bar District in Dublin
Small cobblestone roads lined with pub...after pub.

Take A Tour of Jameson Distillery

After a brief stop for a pint in the Temple Bar District, we continued our walk to the Jameson Distillery for our scheduled tour. Check out that bucket list experience here
Jameson Distillery Tour
Mikea and I in front of a Jameson cask.

Tour The Guinness Storehouse

From the Jameson Distillery, we made our way over to the Guinness Storehouse....
Mike Drinking His Guinness
....but not before stopping by:

Walk Over To The Oldest Pub in Dublin

Built in 1754, The Brazen Head is the oldest known standing pub in Dublin. Our local tour guide claimed that the site has housed a tavern or alehouse since 1198. Walking inside, it did look old. And people must have been a foot shorter back in the 1700's because the ceilings were barely 8'!
The Brazen Head Pub in Dublin
A selfie in front of The Brazen Head.
The Brazen Head Pub in Dublin
The garden courtyard inside The Brazen Head.  We're a long ways away from the States...


So, there it is... a speed tour of Dublin in 24 hours.  Along the way, we stopped at lots of cute, quaint cafes, as Dublin is loaded with them.  Is Dublin on your bucket list yet?  

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