Bucket List Check #5 - A Visit To Belfast's Titanic Museum

One place that has been on my bucket list for a while is a visit to Northern Ireland and Belfast. I had visited Ireland a long time ago when I was in ninth grade, but due to political unrest and several bombings from the IRA in the North, we had to stay on the southern side of Ireland. Fortunately, Belfast is very safe now, and I highly recommend visiting, if ever given the chance.

Having come from Dublin, it was amazing to learn that Ireland is politically and economically not one country, but two. Northern Ireland is still part of the United Kingdom and they take pounds as their form of currency. The Republic of Ireland, on the other hand, separated from England back in 1922 from the Anglo-Irish Treaty. They are part of the European Union and recognize Euros as their currency. So, be prepared to have both forms of currency (or just use your credit card, which we found to be the easiest!)

After completing our bike tour of Game of Thrones' Winterfell Castle, we traveled another hour north and reached Belfast. Naturally, Mike was getting hangry (hungry + angry) at this point, so we stopped at the oldest pub in Belfast - The Crown, where we enjoyed hamburgers and fish and chips for lunch. We ended up walking to the our next destination, which was a little bit of a hike...
Visiting The Crown In Belfast

The Titanic Museum

The one thing on my list that I wanted to see was the Titanic Museum. I had purchased our tickets in advance online, which allowed Mike and I to speed pass the lines, and invested 5 pounds on a guide book to learn more about the ship yard.
The Titanic Museum In Belfast

The tour goes at your own pace, and you get a headset to listen to explanations as you go through the museum. I thought the whole museum was organized quite well, taking you through an explanation of the shipbuilding industry in Belfast, which was one of the main industries in the area and a key driver of Belfast's economic prosperity back in the day.

Then the tour moves on to the Titanic, with detailed explanations and exhibits of how the ship was built, the different classes of services and amenities offered, and what happened on that tragic night of April 14, 1912. It took you through what happened after the tragedy, especially to the owners of the TItanic, White Star Lines, as well as what modern day explorers have discovered at Titanic's gravesite.
The Nomadic In Belfast Shipyard

Outside the massive museum are the remains of a large shipyard, including The Nomadic, which you could go in and explore for an additional fee, At this point, after a full day of driving, bike riding and more, Mike and I headed back to our hotel to rest up for another bucket list adventure planned the following day - a visit to Giant's Causeway.
Outside Belfast Shipyard
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