Bucket List Check #7 - A Visit to The Dark Hedges

As an amateur landscape photographer, one thing on my bucket list to photograph was a visit to see the Dark Hedges. The Dark Hedges is a random street in the middle of County Antrim, Northern Ireland that is lined with over 150 magnificent beech trees. According to Wikipedia, this location has been featured several times in HBO's Game of Thrones, as the "King's Road", as well as in the 2017 version of Transformers and the film, The Last Knight.
Fortunately, for my husband, Mike and me, it was about a 25 minute drive after visiting Giant's Causeway, on our way heading back to our hotel in Belfast, in Northern Ireland.
Map to Dark Hedges between Belfast and Giant's Causeway
A couple of notes when visiting, as this is not an officially managed tour site, despite the loads of tourists that we saw walking along the road to see the trees. In fact, there were signs indicating no parking on the main street with the beech trees. There is, however, parking at an inn, that is close to the spectacular entrance to the road. Given the narrowness of the streets in Ireland, I would highly recommend parking at the nearby in and walking over. Just be careful walking along the street; there's no such as sidewalks in that area!
Parking For The Dark Hedges Experience
Look for the eagle up the road and park there,
rather than along the street!
From a photographic standpoint, it was a challenge taking pictures, primarily due to the crowds walking along the road. But if you're patient...and quick, you can find openings where there are no people in your shot.  

My Photograph of the Dark Hedges
It was interesting that one of the trees had fallen down, and was listed for sale for several thousand pounds. I guess that's a lot of firewood! These trees were very old and had massive trunks. Just beautiful!  Just one final note, and that is the smell of cows and horses is quite overpowering, so consider yourself fare warned!  But don't let that deter you from seeing these gorgeous trees.

Mike and me at the Dark Hedges

What's next on your bucket list adventure?

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