How To Prep Your New Ignited Life Planner

Undated planners are great because they give you flexibility to start anytime, which is why I designed Ignited Life Planner to be undated. However, for the best experience, they require about a 1/2 hour to 1 hour of what I call "prep" work. I just started a new Ignited Life Planner for the new year and below I list the steps I took to prepare my planner, before I even began to tackle my annual goal planning process.

Step 1: Create and Date Your Monthly Calendars

For me, I always start each Ignited Life Planner by dating my monthly calendars. This is because I tend to reference my monthly calendars for future events / appointments, etc. The easiest way for me to do this is to jot down the dates in each calendar by referencing a Google Calendar or the calendar in my phone (or any other current year calendar). Please remember that all monthly calendars in Ignited Life Planner have a Sunday start, which is on purpose because it makes copying the dates from most calendars (which are Sunday start) much easier. I recommend using Avery return address labels and Word to print out the Months, so you can just stick to your Monthly Calendars, just to save a little time. 

Step 2: Add Monthly Tabs for Easy Reference

Personally, I like to be able to reference monthly calendars quickly, which is why I created my Monthly Tab Sticker template. This sticker template prints on Avery® return address labels #5167 or 8167 and gives you enough stickers to create a front and back monthly tab, as well as place monthly stickers on the Month line in each monthly calendar. For me, I put a maximum of 4 months of labels on the left side of the monthly calendar and right side of the previous month's Notes page, by placing two stickers on the page, back to back. I create only four tabs on the side because you must account room on the bottom for the elastic enclosure. I have a guide line on each sticker, that should line up with the end of the page. I then 'laminate' each tab with tape. I've experimented with different tapes from scotch tape to clear packing tape and find that the clear packing tape works the best as it's a little more sturdy. I line up each end of the tape on the front and back and seal around the sticker. Then I cut the excess tape off the top. This will give your Ignited Life Planner a nice finished look. 

Step 3: Date My Project Plan Pages (optional)

This step is optional, but one I do, only because when I plan each month, I like to reference the same column in all of my Project Plan pages for the action steps that I must focus on for each month. I write in the months on each of the five Project Plan pages.

Step 4: Bullet Journal In My Notes Pages (optional)

I use my Notes pages for specific bullet journaling to track activities or for just reference. For me, I always include a full year calendar with dates. I keep track of my blog posts, birthdays, my son's school calendar, etc. The Notes pages are really where you can be creative and personalize your Ignited Life Planner to fit your needs. For inspiration or to learn what Bullet Journaling is, I recommend you check out my blog post "What To Do With Those Blank Pages In Your Planner".

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