Introducing Our New Ignited Life Planner Spiral Version!

I recently launched Ignited Life Planner Spiral edition and I bet you're wondering, what's up? How is this different? Oh, let me count the ways...

Super Sturdy Binding

My new Ignited Life Planner has a twin wire-O binding, which is fancy speak to say that it is spiral bound. I love this new binding because it is super sturdy, and will help your planner last an entire year. Furthermore, it lays completely flat when open.

Ignited Life Planner Spiral Bound Planner

Removable Cover

My new Ignited Life Planner has a removable faux leather cover that comes in three colors - black, brown or grey. Pick a color that appeals to you!
Ignited Life Planner Spiral with Grey Cover

Elastic Band

The Ignited Life Planner spiral version has a nice elastic band, keeping your planner closed and organized.
Ignited Life Planner Elastic Band

Inside Pockets

With the removable cover on, you can also use the faux leather cover as pockets on the interior front and back covers to store scraps of paper, miscellaneous papers, receipts or tickets.
Ignited Life Planner Spiral Version Front and Back Pockets
Ignited Life Planner still comes with the same great layout - goal planning and project planning sheets, followed by 12 monthly calendars and 60 weekly calendars - as well as and the same great B5 size - 7''x10''.
Get yours today, just in time for school starting!

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