Meal Planning ... Made Simple!

I'm responsible for preparing most of the meals in our household.  And I have to admit...I'm not the biggest fan when it comes to cooking.  I'd much rather be doing other things like a spinning class, gardening, yoga, organizing my sock drawer...pretty much anything other than planning meals, grocery shopping, cooking or cleaning.  But fortunately, I've found a life saver app when it comes to keeping track of recipes, ingredients and grocery lists.  It's called...Plan to Eat!

Why do I love this app?  Oh, let me count the ways...

1. Plan An Entire Week of Meals and Print A Grocery List...In Like 5 Minutes!

Drag and drop the recipes you want to make in the allotted slot for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Once you're done planning, print off a grocery list of items you need for the week organized by store or grocery section.  Doesn't get any easier than that!!

Plan to Eat App

Plan An Entire Week of Meals by Dragging and Dropping Recipes from the Left

Create Shopping Lists In A Snap

Once Your Meals Are Planned, Preparing A Shopping List Is A Snap!

2. Save New Recipes With A Click of A Button

Plan To Eat has this super nifty web-clipper for Chrome browsers that allows you to see a recipe on Pinterest or any website, and import the recipe and ingredient list into your Plan to Eat account. This little tool has helped to expand both my palate and my recipe book.  My family enjoys trying new recipes, plus I enjoy shaking things up every now and then.  Alternatively for those not using Chrome, you can just copy and paste the URL of the webpage with the recipe into your Plan To Eat account and the app will convert the recipe and ingredient list for you.  It just doesn't get any simpler than that!!

Import Recipes Into Your Plan To Eat App Quickly

3. Keep Your Entire Recipe Book Online, Accessible On Any Device

No more bookshelves of recipe books and notecards!  De-clutter that kitchen and access any of your recipes online.  I personally like to reference my recipes from my iPad when cooking.

Your Recipe Book

4. Queue New Recipes You Want To Try Later In A Special List

At least once a month, I browse Pinterest for new recipes I want to try.  During the winter, I got into a "soup-craze" where I would try lots of new healthy soup recipes.  When I save a new recipe in the app, I "queue" it, which saves it in a list of recipes to try.  Having visibility to the list of new recipes is really helpful when planning the meals!  Finally, when I say to myself I want to try actually will happen!

Saving New Recipes To Try

5. Costs Only $39.00 A Year (or $4.95 / Month)

If you pay the annual price of $39.00 upfront, it comes out to $3.25 a month.  Seriously, how much is your time worth?  Personally, I think this is a bargain, considering how much time I save planning and preparing my grocery list - not to mention the opportunity to de-clutter my kitchen of recipes books!


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