More Patience and Joy In Just 10 Minutes A Day!

So, I've heard a lot about how meditation can help ease stress and calm your mind, so recently I decided to test incorporating a 10 minute meditation in my morning routine.  To help me, I found this super awesome app called Insight Timer. (available on IOS and Android platforms)  It's a meditation timer on steroids.  Not only do you get a meditation timer, this amazing app:

  • Tracks your progress, time and commitment to developing meditation as a habit;
  • Has a ton of guided meditations and courses for all aspects of your life and in many different languages - Reducing Stress, Gratitude, Mindful Eating, Chakras, Sleep, Sound Healing and Ambient Music just to name a few!
  • Shows you a map of who is meditating at that moment across the globe - so, you know you're never "alone";
  • Lets you bookmark your favorite guided meditations for quick access;
  • Allows you to set a timer and pick out cool interval and ending, gong it up, if you want!
  • Set friends and thank others for meditating with you - kinda fun to get a thank you message from a complete stranger!
  • Offers Meditation Groups with daily meditations and communications among members 

Insight Timer

Steps To A Meditation Practice

Step 1: Find A Space

First, I found a meditation space in my home.  I sit upright in a comfy chair and use a warm blanket if the room is chilly.  I generally do not use headphones, unless I do a guided meditation with binaural beats.  

Step 2: Pick Your Potion

I generally choose a guided meditation from the Ambient playlist in the Insight Time app.  This is just very nice, calm music with no words.  I try to keep my eyes closed during the process.  

Step 3: Close Your Eyes & Visualize

This is the part where you zen out.  The first minute is spent just clearing my mind of all thought and centering my breathing.  The rest of the time is spent visualizing exactly in clear detail what I want in my life to change.  I focus on the positive end result, rather than the negative or those things or situations I don't want in my life.  

So, last week, I focused on a few things: being more patient with my son and purchasing a few investment properties, among other things.  I tried to pick three things to focus on and as I meditate on each one, I focus visually on what I see and how I feel when that situation is achieved.  The key here is to be specific...the more detail, the better.  Here's what my personal meditation space looks like...

My Experience After A Week of Meditation


Honestly, I was pretty surprised after just a week of doing 10 minute meditations!  I quickly noticed how much more calm I was throughout the day.  When my son was way overtired one day and had not one, but multiple melt downs, I was able to get through each meltdown c a l m l y.   (Shocking, because normally I'm a hot mess after about the third meltdown.) And this seemed pretty consistent throughout the week.  Things would happen (as they always do) that I couldn't control and would just be a temporary roadblock.  But I was generally able to get around them with less drama and emotion than I usually do.  Also, there was one night I woke up with lots of anxiety and stress and I found that doing a quick meditation in the middle of the night really helped to calm my heart and nerves and put me back to sleep.  So, try it!  

Get the free Insight Timer app, which I consider a gift from the universe.  And invest just 10 minutes of your time a day. Insight Timer does offer a paid subscription, that gives you full access to empowering courses and I strongly recommend.   It's not too expensive and is daily food for your soul!  

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