My Sunday Evening Ritual For Success...and Sleep!

I used to hate Sunday evenings...  They always bummed me out.  Maybe it was the realization that my weekend was over or the fact that I had a bunch of work to do the next morning.  I'm not sure, but inevitably every Sunday night, when I climbed into bed, my mind would race with reminders of what I needed to get done.  I'd spend the first hour or two tossing and turning, unable to get my mind to stop.  A few months ago, I decided to change my Sunday routine.  And I complete the following five things....Every.  Sunday. Every. Week.  Why? Surprisingly, it's not because I love to plan, but because (no joke!) helps me get to sleep easier on Sunday nights!  For some reason, having a written plan in place for my upcoming week really helps my mind to let go and rest.  Plus, it takes less than one hour to do!

Sleeping Baby

The real reason why I have a Sunday sleep like a baby!

So what is my "Sunday Evening Ritual", you say?  Read below...

1. Set Your Weekly Goals

I like to take five minutes to check in with my planner for goals I've set for the current month and make sure that I am still on track.  Anything I need to address or tackle, I will write down on my weekly planner pages as a top priority to address.  Fortunately, the Ignited Life Planner allows me to break out my weekly goals into buckets for work or school, family or relationships, personal and health.

2. Plan Your Week's Appointments and Tasks

I take a few minutes and always refer back to my monthly calendar for any appointments I have coming up and make sure I write in the specific times for each day.  Plus I'll review my weekly goals and start to lay them out into tasks by day.  This process can take maybe up to 15 minutes at most!  Check out my post How to Dream, Plan and Achieve for details on how I set up my week's appointments and tasks.

3. Plan Your Meals for the Week

Personally, I like to plan my meals for the entire week in one setting and create a grocery list.  For a really awesome tool to help you do this in five minutes, check my post on Meal Planning Made Simple.

4. Do A Self Care Activity

I really like to get my mind relaxed and ready for the week and this usually involves doing something physically, mentally or spiritually that fills my heart with joy!  Could be going for a walk, reading or any other activity I thoroughly enjoy.  Usually though, you'll find me doing 30 minutes of yin yoga on Sunday evenings, which is basically like stretching in a room with pillows, calm music, dim lights and diffusing essential oils.  But for you, it may be something totally different.  To learn about different types of self-care activities, check out my post on Why Self Care Isn't Selfish.

Blissed Out


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