Tony Robbin's RPM - Rapid Purpose Driven Map for Massive Action

As I mentioned in my last blog post, I'm doing Tony Robbin's Ultimate Edge program, which has been absolutely fantastic so far. I'm about 3/4 of the way in and he touches on all areas of your life (mental, physical, relationships, name it) to help get you motivated and take charge of your life! I can't recommend it enough!
Tony Robbin's Ultimate Edge
So, one of the sessions I wanted to share with you all is what Tony calls his "RPM" or Rapid Purpose Driven Map for Massive Action. We all know that execution is what converts a dream to reality. And I was shocked to find that Tony follows a very similar system that I offer in our Ignited Life Planners.
So, what is this illustrious RPM system? Let's dig in...


What is it, EXACTLY, that you want? Get specific about what you want, and when you want to achieve it. You do this during the goal setting worksheets for each part of your life - health, personal development, family/relationships and work/financial - that take from a dream, to a concrete, prioritized list of what you want to achieve over the next 12 months.


Why do you want this so bad? If you have no real purpose for achieving this dream, then you're less likely to follow through. Your Ignited Life Planner has space for you to journal about the reason why you need to achieve this. Additionally, when you move on to the third step, I have you re-write the purpose so you're real clear on why you need to go for this.
Ignited Life Planner Goal Planning

M = Massive Action Plan

What action steps - major things you need to complete - to make this goal a reality? Ignited Life Planner lets you detail out the main action steps by month for each goal you set. This becomes helpful to reference back to when planning your months and weeks, to make sure you're on the pathway towards achievement. Rewriting those targeted action steps due each month and week keeps those dreams front and center!

Ignited Life Planner Project Planning Sheets

So, there you have it! Apparently, I'm not the only one who takes this approach to fulfilling my dreams if Tony Robbins is recommending it to his followers. Happy planning!
Ignited Life Planner Spiral Colors
What are some ways that you plan for your goal's achievement? Comment below!

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