The 6 Essential Human Needs To Have A Life Fulfilled

A friend of mine recently went to a Tony Robbins seminar.. You know, the one where they walk across hot coals and fire? I know what you're thinking.... what a crazy cult! And you're probably right. However, cults can be good or bad, depending upon the motives behind it. And I personally think Tony Robbins' cult is one of the more positive, empowering and motivational ones out there!
My Old Tony Robbin's Personal Power II Program

My old Personal Power II Program.  A CD set,
which ages me, I know.

My history with Tony Robbins' courses began when I was pregnant with my son over 12 years ago, back in 2007. My husband had spent the $300+, (which was a lot of money back then), and purchased the Personal Power program. I got through the goal setting and did in fact, create some goals, which I recently discovered a few months ago as I was cleaning out our office. I was pretty amazed. I had not only achieved everything on my list, but had far surpassed it.
Unfortunately, I did not finish the entire Personal Power program 12 years ago.. I'm not sure why; probably got caught up decorating the baby's room. (Lame, I know!)
So fast forward to last month.  I recently went on Tony Robbin's website and discovered that he offers several programs online, including Personal Power, as well as other programs that center around building relationships to managing your time to managing your finances. Wow! I wanted to do them all. But to start out, I settled on one - The Ultimate Edge. This time, I am committed to completing the program. I do the journaling exercises religiously this go around, and honestly I can say without a doubt, the process has been extremely eye-opening for me.  

Tony is a big believer that:


And I couldn't agree more! So far (and I'm about 1/2 way through the program) he asks you many probing questions that make you think about, like:

1) What do you feel and think about on a consistent basis?

For me, frustration was a big one, especially when I'm at work. Frustrated when my computer has ANOTHER update that puts me back an hour or the printer just decides it's taking the day off that day.  But who wants to live a majority of their days in a frustrated state? Not me!

2) What habits do you do consistently, that set the tone for your days?

Because of this program, I have started new positive habits in the morning that I'll describe in future posts that really help to design my day in a much more positive and empowering way.  Before, I would roll out of bed tired and achy...but not anymore.  I actually wake up and crave this special part of my day, it's that awesome!  Stay tuned in a future post to learn more!

3) What "lies" do you consistently tell yourself that are preventing you from achieving your dreams? 

This has been a biggie for me, because oftentimes we don't even recognize our beliefs as "lies", but rather as "truth" when in fact, that couldn't be farther from the truth.  I've written down about 10 limiting beliefs I have that have hindered my progress to live a more joyous, vibrant and fulfilled life.  I will describe my personal limiting beliefs in a future post, in the hope it may resonate with you and spark some introspection on your own.
Tony explains that there are 6 EMOTIONAL NEEDS all humans must have to live a happy, purpose-driven and fulfilled life. If these needs are not filled, we start to get really "stressed out".   An understanding of each of these six needs and how you deal with a lack of any one of them, will help you gain a greater understanding as to why you may be feeling anxious, name it!
The actions we take to handle filling these emotional needs can be either positive or neutral to us and our environment, or they can be quite negative and destructive to us or others. Just make sure you fill each of your needs with a positive action that benefits you and others around you.
The six emotional needs are:


Every human needs to feel grounded or feel he or she knows what to expect.  Knowing what to expect provides a lot of comfort and eases anxiety.  What are typically the most stressful situations in a person's life? New job? New baby? Moving? New home? All of these situations impact a person's need for certainty.


Yes, you can have too much certainty in your life. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE needs an element of surprise and variety in their life. It's the spice that keeps life interesting and fun!  I find it cool that this need is in complete contrast to the first emotional need.  I recently asked my husband, Mike, if he will ever retire as an entrepreneur and he said, "Nope...too boring!" Retirement in his mind, provides too much certainty for his liking.  


Every person needs to feel significant, important, needed or even unique and different. 


The need for significance must be balanced with its counterpart, the need to CONNECT WITH OTHERS.  If you're too significant, unique or different, you start to become isolated from others. Every human, from the moment they are born, are reliant on social interactions and others to survive. Relationships with others magnifies your human experiences and intensifies the emotions you feel.


If you're not growing, you're dying. All living things grow. It has been reported that the cells in your body replenish themselves at various times, essentially creating a new person every 7 to 10 years. How amazing is that? Your life must contain an element of growth through learning or a sense of achievement to feel fulfilled.


According to Tony Robbins, EVERYTHING must serve a higher purpose. If you feel you are contributing to society in a positive way, this fills a fundamental need for every human soul.
Tony suggests that whichever need you lack, make it a priority to FILL THAT NEED FOR OTHERS so that you can RECEIVE it.

How do you fill each of these needs in your life?

Are you using positive empowering ways to push your life forward, that serve both you and the higher good? Or are your habits and actions destructive to you and/or others physically, emotionally, economically or socially? Pay attention to the methods you use to fill each of these essential needs.

My Methods For Filling My Emotional Needs


PLANNING comforts my need for certainty. I use my Ignited Life Planner every stinking day to design my day and it gives me comfort to know that I have designated focus to make progress on my goals.

Lindsay and Ignited Life Planner

Love my Ignited Life Planner!  Keeps me sane.


I try to do DO SOMETHING I desire from my heart, found in my IGNITED LIFE BUCKET LIST JOURNAL.  I'll admit a lot of what is on my bucket list usually centers around TRAVEL. Snowmobiling in Yellowstone National Park? Yes, please. Dogsledding in Big Sky, MT? Double yes. These things provide the spice and excitement to my life.

Snowmobiling in Yellowstone

Snowmobiled in Yellowstone National Park in Feb 2019, checking off a big one on my Bucket List!  More details to come on this incredible excursion.


BEING A MOM and working with my husband, PROVIDING A CERTAIN SKILL SET he lacks, fills this need for significance.
Learning How To Roller Skate
Teaching my son to roller skate, something my husband, Mike, would never consider doing.  (Probably because the roller skate walkers didn't come in adult size!  Just kidding, my love!)


I love CONNECTING WITH NATURE, which is one reason why I love taking photographs of landscapes. There is something about seeing the immense beauty of this earth that fills my soul, and I love to share it with others.
Lindsay Overlooking Lake Louise
Mike took this photo of me taking a much needed break (from carrying tons of photography gear, tripods, jackets, water bottles, and dragging a whining 7 year old) on an uphill hike to Agnes Tea House.  I'm looking at the gorgeous Lake Louise near Banff, Canada, one my absolute favorites places on earth.


My sense of growth usually involves LEARNING something new or ACHIEVING something. Picking up the guitar and feeling like I'm some virtuoso because I've just figured out to play five Spanish songs solely on tab music, (without lessons, mind you) makes me super proud of myself. Who cares if I sound like a 4 year old plucking on a toy guitar relative to Santana. The point is, I LEARNED IT BY MYSELF!


WRITING THIS BLOG AND SELLING my Ignited Life Planners and Ignited Life Bucket List Journals really fill a part of my soul. Even if it just helps one person to live a fuller, more inspired, less hectic life, I've done my job!

What are ways you fill each of these essential human emotional needs? 

Below is a chart of possible ways you can fill each of these needs, both good and bad.  Comment below and share how you deal with these needs!

Six Human Needs Chart

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