Three Things You Need To Create A New Habit!

Habit goals are kind of a different breed of animal from the normal, bigger goals you set out to accomplish. And yet, they are so important! Setting positive habits can literally change your mental outlook and approach to each and every day. So how can you set positive habits, plan for them and actually track them?

I believe you need three things to set a new habit:

  1. Conscious Effort.
  2. Discipline.
  3. Stickers.

Stickers, you say?!? Yes. Something as small as a stupid little sticker to put in your weekly or daily planner can help you monitor and track your progress towards a new positive habit. (Honestly, the real work in creating habits is the conscious effort and discipline. But stickers CAN help keep you on track...and once you get a little momentum, you become unstoppable!)


According to Making Habits, Breaking Habits author and psychologist Jeremy Dean, who performed a University College of London study involving 96 participants who were asked to choose a daily behavior to turn into a habit, it took on average 66 days to become a habit. Some habits took even longer and the length of time was highly correlated to the type and difficulty of the habit participants were trying to create.

But having a constant reminder in your face may help you get going...until you start to do it automatically!

For me, I wanted to get more healthy and focused on fitness. So I invested in a spin bike for cardio and a Pilates reformer for strength training. I made a conscious habit goal to spin 5 times a week and do Pilates at least twice a week. I also make an effort to meditate 10 minutes a day and at night, I like to do Yin yoga if I've had a rough day.

So I created stickers for me to track my progress for all of these things. I must admit, I get a little giddy when I fill in one of the circles... So how do you plan for or track your habit goals?

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