What To Do With Those Blank Pages In Your Ignited Life Planner

When I designed Ignited Life Planner, I wanted to have some pages dedicated for...well, anything!  Which is why each month has two pages of blank graph paper for "Notes".  One thing you could do with those pages is use them for bullet journaling.

What Is Bullet Journaling

Bullet Journaling or "BuJo" for short, is a way of planning and keeping track of important things in your life using just three things - your creativity, a pen and paper.   Ryder Carroll created the bullet journaling system as a way to keep track of to-dos, dates and notes.  Generally, this system is a framework that includes a monthly and weekly calendar (that you create every month and week), a to-do list and an organized system to keep track of notes using page numbers, title and different bullet icons to distinguish priority and status.  The system requires re-writing things over and over, which Carroll cites is on purpose, to force you to think about the importance of that task.

Personally for me, writing something over and over becomes a real drag.  But I do like to use elements of Carroll's bullet journalling to keep track of certain things, which I place in the blank pages of my Ignited Life Planner.  The wonderful thing about this, is that it really makes your Ignited Life Planner a unique and personal work of art!  Some of the things I keep track of:

  1. How many books I've read for the year
  2. Movies I want to see
  3. My body measurements
  4. My blog posts
  5. Favorite websites
  6. Wish lists
  7. Tracking Savings
  8. Favorite Quotes
  9. My Vision Board
  10. Monthly Calendar for Full Year
  11. Habits I'm Trying to Form
  12. Birthdays
  13. Favorite Memories For The Year
  14. Funny Quotes From My Son
  15. Morning and Evening Routines
  16. End of the Month Review

Below are a few examples from my personal Ignited Life Planner:

Books To Read   Full Year Calendar BuJo

References: Many thanks to JournalSanctuary and Jessica Booth of www.gurl.com for their inspirational bullet journal ideas!

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