3 Reasons Why Weekly Planners ROCK Over Daily Planners!

Ok, I admit it. I used to be a daily planner junkie. I used to love having an ENTIRE page dedicated to my day where I would obsess over the schedule and pour over my task list. But some days (ok, let's get real... a lot of days) I'd get lazy. I'd not write anything down or even worse, I'd not get something done and have to write it down again on the next day...and the day after that. A lot of times I would flip back to earlier pages and often wonder in the chaos of the day..."What was it I was supposed to get done this week, month or year?"

Then I discovered WEEKLY planners!

Ignited Life Planner Layout - My Week On Only Two Pages!

After discovering weekly planners, I've never gone back.  Why, you ask?  Here are three reasons:

1) More Flexibility

No longer was I confined to this self imposed expectation that I had to fill out a page. Every. Single. Day. If I didn't complete a task on my list for one day, no need to copy it again.  I'd just highlight it, so I could see that it needed attention for the next day.  

2) Greater Visibility 

Visualizing an entire week's agenda kept me focused on getting stuff done and gave me the flexibility to move stuff around if not everything went according to plan for a day or two. Plus, I just think it's cool to see what you've done at the end of the week on only two pages!

3) Keeps Your Eye On Your Goals

The great thing I love about my Ignited Life Planner is that I have full visibility on the left side column of my weekly goals, which lets me remember EXACTLY what I need to get done this week to stay on task.  I find that if it's in my face...I'm more likely to remember to get it done!  

So which are you? A daily or a weekly planning person? There's really no right or wrong answer and it comes down to just personal preference, your goals and lifestyle. But for me, juggling family and work, I'm a weekly planning person and will likely never go back...

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