About Me

Hello!  My name is Lindsay and I am the creator of Ignited Life planners and journals. 

Lindsay With My Bucket List Journal


About three years ago, I saw this movie that changed my life and was the inspiration for me developing my planners and bucket list journal.  Have you ever seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty?  It was a movie that really spoke to my heart.  Walter is the main protagonist who works in the back office, where his dreams are on the back-burner, behind duty and responsibility.  His job is to help photographers' pictures look amazing on the cover of Life Magazine.  He dreams, but never takes action on those dreams, until one day he has a big problem that takes him on quite a wild and exciting adventure.  

 So here I am, watching this movie and realizing...

Oh no...I'm a Walter! 

A little back story on me.  For over ten years, my husband and I have worked together flipping houses and coaching and mentoring other real estate investors.  Before you start envisioning me picking out paint and tile colors and directing contractors, let me just stop you now.  I am the CFO of our businesses, which means I'm responsible for counting the money, bookkeeping, and figuring how much we owe the government. Exciting stuff, right?  Uh, no.  Not exciting at all!

Me Completing Our Tax Returns From Last Year

Here I am so happy...because all my tax returns
are filed and complete for our businesses last year!  

You see, I'm in the back office, making sure everything runs smoothly, helping my husband fulfill his destiny.  But what about MY dreams?  Let me tell you, while I'm pretty good at being a CFO, I don't deal with all the details of the business and tax returns because it fulfills my heart or soul.  I do it out of duty and responsibility, as a wife, mother and business owner. 

So, one way I started to fulfill my dreams is through expanding my hobbies.  I have a zillion interests (ok, not a zillion, but a lot!) and love learning new things.  I love gardening, and have a pretty large collection of bonsai trees.

My Chinese Elm Bonsai Tree

I play the ukulele and have started to pick up the guitar to learn classical and flamenco styles of playing.

I exercise by doing yoga, cycling and Pilates.

I love to travel to new places and photograph beautiful landscapes and night skies.

Jake at Coral Sand Dunes

A picture I took of my son staring at the Milky Way in the Coral Sand Dune State Park of Utah.

These are the things I do to fill my soul and my heart.  So how do I fit this all in my life, along with my other responsibilities? 

I plan for it. 

I make it a priority in my life, just as you should make anything that fills your heart with joy, love and fulfillment, a daily part of your life!  

I designed my Ignited Life planners and bucket list journal to set goals in all areas of your life - from work/financial to relationships/family goals to personal development and even health goals -  and take consistent daily action to achieve the things that you want in life!  The secret is keeping your goals and dreams front and center, so it's always on your mind - not in the back of some journal somewhere in your closet. Getting clarity and visibility of your dreams is at the forefront of every Ignited Life Planner.

So I hope my story inspires you to not forget about YOUR dreams and heart's  desires.  Don't lose yourself to small tasks out of a sense of duty that don't get you where you really want to go.  Because every day is a new opportunity to take that first small step to a more fulfilled, joyful and purpose-filled life!    It just takes a little planning and execution.