How Ignited Life Planner Is Different From Other Planners

Full Undated One Year Planner

Many life planners on the market cover only three to six months.  Ignited Life Planner comes with 12 monthly calendars and 60 weekly calendars, keeping your life organized for an entire year.  Plus our undated format lets you start anytime.

Monthly Calendar

 Design Goals In All Areas Of Your Life

Ignited Life Planner lets you design annual goals in all areas of your life, including work/financial goals, personal goals, relationship goals and goals centered on improving your health.  

Plan Your Goals

Visibility Of Your Goals Every Day

After prioritizing what your annual goals are, Ignited Life Planner lets you determine action steps required to achieve each of those goals over time.  Our unique design lets you track of your initiatives on a monthly and weekly basis, so you always know where you stand.

Project Plan

Monday To Sunday Weekly Layout

Ignited Life Planner is undated, letting you start anytime.  Our 12 monthly calendars are Sunday to Monday, making it easier to copy in the dates when you set up your planner  However, unlike many other life planners, our weekly calendars are designed to be Monday to Sunday.  The intention is to get you into the weekly habit of planning your week each Sunday evening, so you know exactly what must get done to get you closer to your goal's achievement.

Task Based System

Unlike many life planners that focus on keeping track of your time, Ignited Life Planner is task based, focused on taking daily action to achieve your life's goals.

Weekly Calendar

Grid Pages For Bullet Journal Enthusiasts

Each month provides two grid pages to help you keep track of notes, birthdays, books to read, anything you want! 

Notes Pages